Battle Monk

A master of martial arts in a boost armor suit. That brings his already super human strength to machine like levels. This units mental focus give him the ability to pull Shaka out of his hosts.

Phys. Def — 40%
Mag. Def — 25%
Willpower — 5

Movement Speed 3/2

Attack 1: Punch

A powerful punch in front of him.

Casting time — 0.05 seconds
Cooldown time — 0.6 seconds
Duration — 1 second
Affected radius — 4 ft. line 1 ft wide in front of the Monk.
Damage — 20 physical
Secondary Effects — None


Steps forward with every blow.

Attack 2: Pull

The Monk focuses magic to pull Shaka.

Casting Time — 0.05 seconds
Cooldown Time — 3 second
Duration — N/A
Affected Radius — All targets within 10 feet in front of the user.
Damage — 0
Secondary Effects — None.


If not possessed this move will pull you out of the body you are possessing. If you are possessing this unit, this move just pulls foes closer.

Special: Meditate

Becomes one with his mind and boost suit.

Casting time — 2 seconds
Cooldown Time — 7 seconds
Duration — 3 seconds
Affected Radius —
Damage — N/A
Secondary Effects — None


Increases damage by 25% and regenerates 5 health / second.

Unit Notes

Battle Monk is a high tech unit with powerful melee strikes.


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