A crazed warrior with a battleaxe. He never fears a fight, and often adds impetus to his blows with leaps.

Phys. Def — 35%
Mag. Def — 5%
Willpower — 3

Movement Speed — 4/3

Attack 1: Slash

Swings his axe in fount of him.

Casting Time — .5 seconds
Cooldown Time — 1 second
Duration — Instantaneous
Affected Radius — 5 feet 180 degree arc in front of Berserker.
Damage — 70 physical
Secondary Effects — Stun for .5 seconds

Attack 2: Leap Attack

Jumps ahead and attacks.

Casting Time — .3 seconds to start jump, jump lasts .5 seconds
Cooldown Time — 2 seconds
Duration — Instantaneous
Affected Radius — Strikes a 6 foot arc in front of the Berserker's impact point, which is 10 feet in front of his origin. The jump arc starts and ends at a 30 degree angle, hitting any aerial units in the path.
Damage — 85 physical
Secondary Effects — knocks foes out of the air.

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