Black Ops

// These Special Force units are trained to fight when they have the upper hand—namely, in the dark.//

Phys. Def — 30%
Mag. Def — 15%
Willpower — 4

Movement Speed — 1/1

Attack 1: Shot in the Dark

Fires his automatic rifle in the direction the right joystick is pointing.

Casting Time— instant
Cooldown Time— 0.08333 seconds (1/12 of a second, or 5 frames assuming an FPS of 60)
Affected Radius — Straight line extending directly out from the Black Ops in the direction of the joystick.
Duration— Until clip empties, see notes
Damage — 5 physical / bullet.
Secondary Effects— none


Rifle has a 30 round clip, and, when depleted, the Black Ops must spend one second reloading before he may fire again. Bullets are treated with a special shell casing that ignites brightly upon contact with flesh. Ordinarily, this hurts no more than being shot ordinarily does—in the dark, however, it damages the user's eyes, and causes an extra 2 physical damage per bullet.

Attack 2: Flashbang

Throws a flashbang forward.

Casting Time — 0.5 seconds
Cooldown Time — 10 seconds
Affected Radius — Bright flash in small area. Enemies onscreen facing the grenade suffer its effects.
Duration — N/A
Damage — 0.
Secondary Effects — stun 5 seconds or until damage.



Unit Notes

Hides until the lights go out, at which point they can see their targets with night vision goggles. When the player possesses a Black Ops, he gains the goggles, which brighten the screen.


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