A man trained to project magical energies as terrestrial energy manifestations. They channel through their hands, therefore requiring no equipment and are capable of blending in perfectly with the local populace.

Phys. Def — 15%
Mag. Def — 50%
Willpower — 6

Movement Speed — 5/4

Attack 1: Shoot Bolt

Charges and throws a bolt of magical energy.

Casting Time — how long the button is held down
Cooldown Time — 1 second
Duration — Instant
Affected radius — shoots out in the direction of the character
Damage — (20 magicall) x half-seconds bolt is charged, up to maximum of x 4.
Secondary Effects — 5px x half-seconds bolt is charged, up to a maximum of x 4.


When holding down the button you can't move.

Attack 2: Raining Bolts

Shoots a number of energy bolts into the sky.

Casting Time — Special, see notes
Cooldown Time — 1 seconds
Duration — how long the button is held
Affected radius — Scatters shots in an 15 ft circle in front of hunter.
Damage — 40 magical / hit.
Secondary Effects — Special—see notes


The blaster fires a bolt of energy every 1/4 of a second in a high arc. Each bolt takes 0.75 seconds to strike the ground, and falls hitting a point in the randomized area in front of the unit.

Unit Notes


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