A soldier equipped with a flamethrower, one of the largest battlefield dangers to himself and his allies. Detonating the fuel tanks is an effective way of dispatching a flamethrower soldier and anyone in close proximity. Burners know about this risk, and ditch extra tanks when firefights get too hot.

Phys. Def — 50%
Mag. Def — 20%
Willpower — 5

movement speed — 7/8

Attack 1: Burn

Fires a gout of flame from the flamethrower.

Casting Time — 0.25 seconds
Cooldown Time — 2 seconds
Duration — Hold, up to 4 seconds
Affected Radius — 10ft 20 degree cone in front of flamethrower.
Damage — 5 physical / half-second.
Secondary Effects — Set On Fire, see notes


While burning the flamethrower, the Burner will not turn around, but can move normally. Being struck with the ignited jet of fuel from this flamethrower sets the target on fire, giving them a 5 damage / half-second debuff that lasts for 4 seconds after the flamethrower has stopped firing.

Attack 2: Shoot

The burner draws and fires his sidearm.

Casting Time — 0.05 seconds
Cooldown Time — 0.8 seconds.
Duration — instant
Affected Radius — Straight line from the front of the Burner.
Damage — 20 physical.
Secondary Effects — None.


When the Burner fires his sidearm at a gastank, the gastank will instantly explode regardless of how much health it has left.

Special: Tank Swing

The burner takes one of the gastanks off of his back and swings it around him to clear out the immediate area, then throws the tank forward.

Casting Time — 0.9 seconds
Cooldown Time — 4 seconds
Duration — 2 seconds
Affected Radius — 5 foot ring around the Burner. Tank is then tossed 8 ft forward.
Damage — 10 physical.
Secondary Effects — Knockback 60 px and knockdown.


The burner ordinarily wears 4 such gastanks, and if he throws all of them he can no longer use his flamethrower. Firing at a gastank with the Burner's sidearm instantly detonates it. Units within 8 feet of the gastank take 60 physical damage, and a 3 foot circle around where the gastank detonated is set on fire—units passing through this circle while it is still burning, so any time within the next 8 seconds, are ignited as per Burn above and take 5 damage / half-second for 4 seconds.

Unit Notes

The Burner runs around with four explosive canisters strapped to his back. The canisters are weak to other canisters exploding and the Burner's pistol, but can be detonated by other units, too. They have 50 health and 40% physical defense / 5% magical defense. Burners are immune to their ignition debuff, but will still take full damage from the explosion.


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