Cloning Lab II

The Second Cloning Lab

Awakening in a complex similar to the one in the Red Sands, Shaka is captive, guarded by Bakres, who he can attempt to possess, but cannot due to the cyborg's extensive electronic components. Shaka is of even greater use now than he was before, he is told. Bakres mentions the scientist is also captive within the facility, and he could provide some answers. He exits to go retrieve him. Familiar sirens blare - Mages are attacking the building in an attempt to free the scientist, take Shaka and destroy the holding facility all in one swoop. By some effect of their attacks on the facility, Shaka is freed. Soon, he discovers the facility is mass producing thousands of Shaka clones to use as grunt soldiers, and plans to destroy it. Reaching the scientist, Shaka only finds him half dead from his own attempts to escape. He had burnt himself out from magic overuse. He further explains Shaka's powers and transition to his soul form.

Trying to use his magic to bring Shaka's soul into the body, Thovis actually… failed. Or, so he thought. The spell that supposedly brought Shaka's soul into Emir's body, in fact, only imbued memory and personality - not sense of self or identity as well, which it did. It took longer to work than it should have, which was the first sign not all was operating normally. He didn't know if Shaka was Shaka or Emir. After Shaka was ordered killed, Thovis rushed in to try and preserve his life. Medical science couldn't work fast enough - he had to use magic. The magic he tried to use to sustain Shaka's life only sustained the spirit. Now Shaka has a power even greater than he imagined, and Thovis grimly informed him the State may make use of him yet. He tells him there's someone pulling the cyborg's strings, that there's someone who keeps calling the cyborg around to different locations. He used him as bait at the islands and called him away from this facility. He's the one Shaka needs to bring down. Thovis dies.

At such an inopportune moment, mages rush in only to accuse Shaka of killing the scientist. After moving on, Shaka ultimately encounters rows of familiar clones, and then 4 guards. They are his teammates back when he was under the military's control, now equipped with extra armaments, fully trained and with their own troops. These former teammates, it turns out, were in a similar situation to Shaka's - they were clones of historical generals, all indoctrinated in the current struggle between magic and technology, and all trained to command the troops in the upcoming war. Shaka defeats them, obtaining information on a large battle between the Mages and the State, occurring in the Baltean Plains. The State has chased the escapees from the forest down, and intends to stamp out the last of the resistance.

Cloning Lab Walkthrough

Section 1: Cloning Chamber
Coming to after being gassed at the conclusion of the Islands in a small locked observation cage, Shaka finds himself without any company except the cyborg Bakres. Bakres begins a short speech, gloating how the cloning is coming along, explaining why they were interested in recapturing Shaka and mentioning the scientist's capture elsewhere in the facility. Once he has finished, Bakres leaves to 'inform his superiors'. During this time, the player can run up against the cage bars or attack fruitlessly, or the player can desert the captive body and float through the cell only to find that Bakres cannot be possessed-and with no other units nearby, the player is trapped in the cage. Once the cyborg leaves and the player is back in the host body, the screen fades to black for a moment, then fades back in as an explosion rocks the facility. Alarms begin blaring, and a defense group composed of Guards, Assault Troopers, and an Infiltrator rush into the room to make sure everything's stable. Shaka can desert his body, fight the guards, and then open the cell and take his body from the Islands back if he wants, or leave it in the cage. The cage was an observation cage in some kind of central transportation shaft-a bunch of very familiar looking clones in the background are being whisked upwards. Proceeding to the right from the room, Shaka comes to a bridge connecting to the outer wall of the shaft. Sorcerers, some Blasters, and a War Machine are here, checking up on the earlier patrol group. Dispatching them, Shaka proceeds to the right and enters the Hot Labs.

Section 2: Hot Labs
A wide stretch of monitors line the back wall, and several displays showing clones being indoctrinated, trained and outfitted are looping in the background. An artsy hologram of the tower is proudly displayed in the center of the room, likely some bid by a middle management type to keep cloner morale high. Sorcerers, Blasters, and Illusionists are working here, with Knights standing guard. The cloners and the knights defend against Shaka, but fail to hold him back. A disabled elevator is visible in the background in the left rear corner of the room, with a prominent sign reading "In Case of Fire, Use Stairs", and points off further to the right.

Section 3: Balcony
Exiting onto a balcony and exterior access, Shaka starts heading toward a ladder in the background when a cataclysmic explosion goes off and the scientist is thrown in front of him. The scientist, badly wounded, recognizes Shaka's influence on his host and explains through flashback how Shaka came to be, and says the cyborg is acting like he reports to somebody. He tells him to escape-the resistance buddies from the forest are making a sufficient distraction, and he needs to make sure the main group that fled across the plains is still surviving. The scientist then dies, and Resistance wizards composed of Blasters, Illusionists and a few Knight armed escorts rush out seeing a bloodied and beaten scientist next to what appears to be a local guard (or a soldier from the Islands or before-in any case, a hostile). They attack Shaka, and he may either flee or fight them. The only direction he can go from this area is upward, onto a higher balcony. Fleeing will make the Resistance soldiers follow, and once on the higher terrace, Angelics start swooping in from other parts of the city. They attack while Knights and Black Ops (getting the bonus damage due to it being night out on this balcony) distract the player on the surface. Fending these troops off, Shaka heads back in through an office to get away.

Section 4: Office
Some upended desks in this security office hide a few Black Ops and Infiltrators here. The Black Ops switch the lights out, and the Infiltrators are unaffected by the darkness. This low-light fight is meant to be a challenging one with high-damage units and no basic soldiers available to capture. Shaka approaches a computer and resets the alarm system, opening up the elevators again.

Section 5: Elevator
Heading to the back of the room, Shaka approaches the elevator to the roof when a lone War Machine pops out. Assuming the player doesn't capture it, they must defeat it with their current form and no backup. A relatively quick fight one way or the other, Shaka then heads for the helipad access floor, where a number of clones are gearing up for deployment.

Section 6: Warlord Fight
Here, on top of the skyscraper, Shaka approaches a landed heli before a wing of advanced clone troopers swoop in. Shaka recognizes them as his teammates in the tutorial operation—apparently, they were also other clones and leadership candidates. Fighting these advanced troopers is made possible by the tubes in the floor that continually bring up more and more clones, including clones of them and clones of Shaka, like Emir was once. Finishing this fight, a still shows of Shaka holding a map with some unintelligible writing and the plains region circled. Connecting two and two, Shaka jumps aboard the helicopter and flies for the plains.

Enemies Encountered

Assault Trooper
Black Ops
War Machine

Object List

Transport Tube
- An elevator section removed from its track for maintenance.

Wet Floor sign
- Mostly seen on the balcony segments. There are a few inside near the exterior access points, though, and in front of restrooms.

- A clear working surface. Comes in Upright and Upturned, Upturned to defend from intrusion and hide behind.

- A storage shelf, with miscellaneous books on cloning procedures and software stored and sorted. Coffee machine might also be here.

Vending Machine
- Full of overpriced malnourishment in brightly-colored plastic wrapping.

Ominous Planning Board of Ominousness
- This underlit board appears to be a map of the overall region, and has a number of markers grouped in different locations, as well as spots circled and crossed out-suspected rebel hiding places, perhaps.

Roof Light
- A floor-mounted wide-angle light. Pokes up slightly.

Boss Encountered (link from bosses page)

The Clone Generals

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