Critical Path

The game will begin immediately with the player starting in the Lab Debriefing level. This is the preliminary level to get the character familiar with the controls and gameplay. Game progression will be as follows:

Debriefing - Lab - Red Sands - Forest - Islands - Cloning Lab II - Plains

Each level will have an array of enemies that seem characteristic of that level. An end level boss will also be encountered. Defeating the boss in the level will be the victory condition, and the player is rewarded with story progression. Termination condition involves the player dying while in demon form. Dying results when the player is drained of all his power. The player has a number of lives in the game, and dying will result in a loss of one of these lives. Game over results once the player has no more remaining lives.

Upon beginning a level the player will be in the body form of the unit he possessed last at the end of the previous level.

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