This will be a struct which will hold info about abilities. They will have the abilities name, cast time, cooldown, damage type(direct amount or %), whether the damage is physical damage or magical, damage, and a debuff they give.


  • Made and used in the Enemy classes


  • string name - the abilities name
  • double castTime - the time it takes to use the ability from the time the button is pressed in seconds
  • double cooldown - the time between when an ability is used(after the castTime) and when it can be used again in seconds
  • string damageType - either "direct" or "percent" to specify if the damage will be subtracted from the health or if it will be a percentage
  • bool isPhysical - whether the damage is physical or magical
  • double damage - the damage being done, whether its an amount or percentage
  • double damageModifier - will be changed if the damage has a modifier. If not, is set to 1
  • Debuff debuff - any debuff that will be given to an enemy if hit by the ability
  • Vector3 position - the position the ability is used at
  • Vector3 line - a second point that with the position makes a ray to test for collisions
  • Rectangle boundingBox - a bounding box to test collision against
  • float radius - the radius from the position, used to test collisions


  • none
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