A bowman, seemingly an artifact of times gone by. Wields a hunting bow enchanted to provide a greater force return on the pull. The magnification is sufficient enough, in some cases, to pass entirely through even more heavily armored targets. Generally not employed in active militaries due to requiring a greater exposure time than modern firearms, however, these men are sometimes called upon to break up block units of armored infantry that shrug off other fire—such as knights covering healers.

Phys. Def — 20%
Mag. Def — 30%
Willpower — 5

Movement Speed — 5/4

Attack 1: Shoot

will pull back on the string as the button is pressed and release when let go

Casting Time — how long the button is held down
Cooldown Time — 1 seconds
Duration — how long the button is held
Affected radius — shoots out in the direction of the character if not fully charged the shot will be affected by gravity
Damage — 20 magical + 30 physical + ((6 physical + 4 magical) * number of seconds button held down)
Secondary Effects — Special—see notes


When an arrow hits an enemy, it disappears and that enemy gets knocked back 15px—unless the shot was held for more than 3 seconds, in which case it will pierce through enemies and not knock any of them back. When holding down the button you can't move. A piercing arrow overrides all projectile sponging, but is still susceptible to projectile reflection.

Unit Notes


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