soldier with a polearm that rides a horse. The soldier and horse have seperate healths. If the horse is killed first the soldier will continue fighting. If the soldier dies first the horse will run away trampling anyone in the way.

Phys. Def — 20%
Mag. Def — 30%
Willpower — 5

Movement Speed — 3/2 on horse — 1/1 off horse

Attack 1: Jab

jabs at an enemy with his polearm

Casting Time — instant
Cooldown Time — .3 seconds
Duration — N/A
Affected radius — in front of the character .5 feet wide 3.5 feet long
Damage — 40 points
Secondary Effects — knockback - 6px

Attack 2: Cleave

Swings his polearm out in front of him attack all enemies in front of him

Casting Time — instant
Cooldown Time — .5 seconds
Duration — N/A
Affected Radius — 3.5 ft 180 degree horizontal arc in front of him.
Damage — 50 points
Secondary Effects — none

Special: Charge

increase speed by 33%, trampling enemies does double damage

Casting Time — instant
Cooldown Time — 15 seconds
Duration — 5 seconds
Affected Radius — N/A
Damage — N/A
Secondary Effects (knockback, stun, etc.) — Increases speed by 33%


This can only be used when on the horse.

Unit Notes

when on the horse you may trample enemies causing 30 damage. Also, if the horse gets damaged
it will rear and then then land on any enemies near by causing 50 damage.


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