loves to play with fire and burn people alive.

Phys. Def — 40%
Mag. Def — 40%
Willpower — 7

Movement Speed — 1/1

Attack 1: Throw

uses his flame thrower setting enemies in front of him on fire

Casting Time — how long the button is held down
Cooldown Time — 2 seconds
Duration — can be used for 10 seconds in a row then the cooldown will start
Affected radius — shoots out in the direction of the character 1 feet wide and 5 feet long
Damage — proportional to distance from the pyromaniac, 100 points/second at 0 feet, 25 points/second at 5 feet
Secondary Effects — will set enemies on fire. Lasts for 3 seconds after not directly under fire from the flamethrower and does 15 points/second

Unit Notes

Very effective at close range, easy to pick off from long range. If he is your enemy stay far away.


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