Elite Soldier

A soldier who is more skilled, more heavily armored, and carries a burst fire rifle. He is eager to fight and may sprint into battle.

Phys. Def — 30%
Mag. Def — 15%
Willpower — 5

Movement Speed — 1/1

Attack 1: Burst Fire

Fires three shots from the rifle in quick succession.

Casting Time — instant
Cooldown Time — 1 second
Duration — if there is a graphic for the bullet, then it disappears when offscreen otherwise no duration basically
Affected radius — follows a path originating at the player and then traveling in the direction the player is facing
Damage — 20 points per bullet
Secondary Effects — Knockback - 3px


Each bullet is fired .1 seconds apart from each other and the collision detection is separate for each one. Also the knockback is for each bullet that hits. This is functionally different from one 60 damage 9px knockback blow because the damage can be divvied up between multiple targets.

Attack 2: Gun Smash

Uses the rifle's butt to smash heads in.

Casting Time — 0.1 seconds
Cooldown Time — 2 seconds
Duration — stun lasts 2 seconds
Affected Radius — one enemy that is in front of the player within 1 foot
Damage — 75 points
Secondary Effects — Stun



Special: Speed Boost

Gets his adrenaline flowing, causing move speed and attack speed to both increase. Once the effect is over, he hits a crash.

Casting Time — instant
Cooldown Time — 20 seconds
Duration — Positive effects last 10 seconds, negative effects last 5 seconds
Affected Radius — self
Damage — N/A
Secondary Effects (knockback, stun, etc.) — Positive: movement speed +25%, attack speed (cooldown and casting) +25%. Negative: movement speed -25%, attack speed -25%



Unit Notes

A step above Gunner.


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