A wizard who has learned how to alter and control his personal form in a gaseous, ethereal state. Carries a long knife, as his magical abilities cause him physical harm through continued use.

Phys. Def — 35%
Mag. Def — 20%
Willpower — 5

Movement Speed 3/2

Attack 1: Slash

A slash using the ethereal's long knife.

Casting time — 0.05 seconds
Cooldown time — 0.6 seconds
Duration — instant
Affected radius — 3.5 ft horizontal arc in front of the Kage.
Damage — 25 physical
Secondary Effects — None


Attack 2: Explode

The ethereal rapidly enters a gaseous form, heating himself in the process and exploding.

Casting Time — 0.05 seconds
Cooldown Time — 2 second
Duration — N/A
Affected Radius — 10ft cube around Ethereal.
Damage — 60 magical at center scaling downward linearly to the edges.
Secondary Effects — None.


The explosion deals 20 damage to the Ethereal after armor reduction.

Special: Gaseous Form

Enters a gaseous form.

Casting time — 1 seconds
Cooldown Time — 5 seconds
Duration — Toggle
Affected Radius — Self
Damage — N/A
Secondary Effects — None


While in gaseous form, the Ethereal passes through all physical attacks. Magical attacks still deal full damage, and holding gaseous form deals 5 damage / half-second to the ethereal. Floating near an enemy causes the Ethereal to be inhaled, which deals 5 damage to the Ethereal. Reverting to physical form while inhaled deals 100 physical damage to the unfortunate unit with fingers in his lungs, and deals 10 damage to the ethereal, who had his fingers in somebody else's lungs.

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