Gilean Forest

The Gilean Forest is one of the biological and magical wonders of the modern world. Extending hundreds of miles in all directions, this sea of green is home to the greatest variety of species known (and in many cases unknown) to man. Originally a deciduous / coniferous mix forest, climatological experimentation in the area by local wizards during the resurgence of magic. Now a deciduous / coniferous / temperate rainforest mix, the Gilean has attracted visitors from all over the world to see species interaction possible nowhere else. It serves simultaneously as Gilea's largest tourist attraction and as home to the highest percentage of Gilea's population. A city-state of great learning, Gilea itself is situated in the southeastern region of the forest and is home to the greatest medical researchers of our time.

The section of forest that Shaka finds himself in, however, is substantially less developed. An outlying section of the forest in which several dissidents have established a small base of operations, this section of the Gilean, while still showing the effects of mankind's settlement in the presence of bridges spanning some of the rivers that run through, a few roads and power lines, and the (somewhat rare) house.

By the time Shaka and the rebels from the Red Sands arrive, however, the forest is in the middle of a military raid. Illegal magic users are fighting the State's private mages and soldiers, and Bakres himself is leading the purge. Shaka needs to confront Bakres, and so decides to help the rebels. He encounters Bakres, and Bakres flees to the islands, realizing Shaka is present in whichever dissident soldier he is in at the time. At the end of the stage, Shaka must put down a trapped berserk golem before it frees itself and rampages away.

Progression Description

Section 1: Deep Forest

Driving along the road with the escaped convoy, Shaka and his group are ambushed by the State's forces. Their vehicles destroyed and most of the Rebellion forces here defeated, Shaka follows one survivor who shows him the way towards the rebel encampment. The survivor hides when enemies appear, and Shaka must defeat them before proceeding. Enemies in the ambush consist of Berserkers, Burners, Knights, and a few Priests.

Section 2: Military Encampment

The survivor leads Shaka to the beginning of the Rebel Camp, then hides in one of the buildings. Here, Shaka sees Bakres buzzing the camp in his helicopter. Bakres sees what seems to be a rebelling soldier (and who he knows is Shaka) and flies off to lure him to the Islands. In the center of the camp, a few Sorcerers wearing the State's seal surround a rebel, attacking and killing him. Enemies in the Camp, besides the first group of Sorcerers, consist of mostly Soldiers and Warriors, with Knights sprinkled in and two or three Blind Apprentices.

Section 3: Bridge and Waterfall

Crossing a large steel bridge that separates the camp, Shaka gets partway on before Golem Masters come at him from both sides (one on each), guarded by their Golems and a contingent of Knights. The rear group constantly advances, and as they advance more troops run to join them, including Berserkers and a couple Blind Apprentices. This is a tough combat, but surviving brings the player onto the final level section before the boss fight.

Section 4: Treetops

Ascending a wooden platform above the treetops, Shaka runs into a number of Sorcerers, assited by Priests, Berserkers, Soldiers, and a single Golem Master with his pet Golem. This first combat group gives way to four Golem Masters. The player practically must possess one of the Masters to get through here, and must play cleverly to avoid getting stomped by the other three. Finishing the final one off, Shaka descends into the Evil Glen.

Section 5: Evil Glen

The Evil Glen opens with a number of Warriors and Berserkers beating up on what looks like an older Golem Master unmarked by the State's seal. The Golem Master appears to be casting something, but gets killed before seemingly finishing, and a massive amount of silty dirt from the riverbed section gets pulled and shaped into a giant golem. Its legs, however, are malformed but slowly developing. Shaka must finish the Golem off or he will probably free himself and rampage across the Forest.

Enemies Encountered

Golem Master
Blind Apprentice

Object Types

- One of several native varieties. This one is just in the midground or the foreground.

Portable Radio Unit
- A short-range radio crafted from scraps. Serve as local communication for the rebellion.

Fallen Tree
- A tree on its side. Either uprooted, cut down or knocked down.

- A small, personal-sized tent unlike the circus-sized ones seen at the military encampment.

- Has some electrical parts strewn across it, along with some obviously carved wood pieces—cut boards, pegs, some ladder rungs, that sort of thing.

- A non-dessicated plant. Some basic ground cover.

Corpse Fire
- A pile of bodies in a cleared section, set on fire to dispose of them. May or may not overlap with:

Dead Guy
- A small dead guy. Might not have a collision box. Some enemies may only be playing dead, although we probably don't need to go that route.

Golem Pile
- A heaped section of rock, mud, dirt and possibly some wood for a Golem Master to animate from more easily.

Boss Encountered

Rampaging Golem

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