An abstract super class from which Player, Enemy, and LevelObject inherit.



  • Enum CType - Collision type - see EnumClass
  • Vector3 location - The location of an object in the game world space
  • Vector2 locScreen - The location of an object as you see it on the screen, representing (x, y)
  • texture2d texture - The texture that will be put on the object
  • float speed - The speed at which the object is moving
  • String name - Name of the object
  • bool isActive - whether or not the object is active in the game. If false it can be recycled and used again in the level.


  • Draw
    • An abstract method which will draw the object
  • Update
    • An abstract method which will update the object
  • ResolveCollision
    • Overridden by child classes
    • Affects on object caused by collisions
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