Golem Master

Similar to a sorcerer, the mage is capable of directing powerful Golems.

Phys. Def — 15%
Mag. Def — 50%
Willpower — 6

Attack 1: Magic Sphere

Shoots out a small sphere of magic energy at high velocity.

Casting Time — instant
Cooldown Time — .5 second
Duration — disappears when offscreen
Affected Radius — follows a path originating at the player traveling in the direction the player is facing
Damage — 30 points magical
Secondary Effects — none


Straight line direct damage spell.

Attack 2: Golem Attack

Commands the Golem to fight, flagging a target for them to focus on.

Casting Time — 0
Cooldown Time — 1 seconds
Duration — Facing
Affected radius — nearest foe
Damage — 0


Targeted unit is marked with the Golem's crosshair.

Special: Summon

Summons a Golem unit to fight for the mage.

Casting Time — 5 seconds, when possessed takes 7 seconds
Cooldown Time — 12 seconds
Duration — N/A
Affected Radius — 0
Damage — 0
Secondary Effects — 0


Unit Notes


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