Grave Digger

sneaks through cemetaries looking for bodies to dig up. His only weapon is his trusty shovel. When he digs up bodies they will turn into zombies and be his minions. The zombies health will degenerate over time and can not jump. The zombies will follow the grave digger around and attack any enemies that are close enough.

Phys. Def— 10%
Magi. Def— 15%
Willpower— 5

Movement speed— 1

attack 1: Swipe

A horizontal swing of the shovel.

Casting time - .05 seconds
Cooldown time- .4 seconds
Duration- N/A
Affected radius — 3.5ft in a semicircular plane parallel to the ground
Damage - 40 points
Secondary Effects- Minor Knockback - 3px

attack 2: Smash

An overhead swing of the shovel.

Casting time- .05 seconds
Cooldown time- 2 seconds
Duration- N/A
Affected radius - 2.5ft vertical swing from over the digger to in front of the digger
Damage - 60 points
Secondary Effects- Small Stun - .3 seconds

Special: Dig

Use the shovel for what it was intended. Oh, and raise zombies.

Casting time- instant
Cooldown time- see notes
Duration- N/A
Affected radius - see notes
Damage - N/A
Secondary Effects- see notes


To use dig, you make a checkmark motion with the right analog stick. You repeat the motion, flicking more
and more dirt the more precise the motion is, until you hear a clang—which is when you hit a casket. You then
hit the special button to raise the zombie out of the grave.
— Will always find a casket in graveyard
— Outside of the graveyard, the longer you dig in the same spot, the more likely you'll eventually hit a casket.
— Perfect dig = 40 units of dirt removed
— Average dig = 30 units
— 100 units for graveyard
— 100-200 units outside of graveyard
— 5 feet 'cooldown' (no two caskets within 5 feet of each other)
— 1.5 seconds for zombie to get out of their tomb
— Maximum horde size — 3


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