Guard Captain

The captain for a group of other characters containing 2-3 town guards and a priest. The characters in the group follow the captain. His abilities include using his shotgun giving orders to the group, and giving them a boost. He carries a shotgun and smaller riot shield.

Phys. Def — 40%
Mag. Def — 20%
Willpower — 6

Movement speed — 1/1

Attack 1: Shotgun Blast

Shoots the shotgun in the direction it's pointing.

Casting time — instant
Cooldown time — see notes
Duration — N/A
Affected radius — 20 degree cone in the direction you're aiming. 30 ft long cone.
Damage — proportional to the distance of the enemy to the shotgun — max 100pts - half at 15ft - 0 at 30ft
Secondary Effects — knockback — proportional to the distance of the enemy to the shotgun - 40 pixel knockback - half at 15ft - 0 at 30ft.


When you fire the shotgun, you must press the button again to cock it. Cocking takes .5 seconds, giving an effective cooldown.

Attack 2: Shield Charge

Expands his shield's radius and allows him to point it in a particular direction.

Casting Time — instant
Cooldown Time — none
Duration — how long the button is held down
Affected Radius — N/A
Damage — reduces damage by an addition 50% — Chance to 'block' secondary effects by 75% — smaller shield than the town guard
Secondary Effects - none


The shield charge toggles with each individual press control between the shotgun and the shield for the right joystick, but also expands the shield's radius (which is always up) by a few degrees while held. The captain cannot move while holding the expanded shield. The shield shrinks back when he releases the button.

Special: Power Boost

The captain rallies his squad.

Casting Time — instant
Cooldown Time — 30 seconds
Duration — 10 seconds
Affected Radius — on screen
Damage — Increase damage by 25% for allies, or decrease for enemies
Secondary Effects — none

Unit Notes

The captain is able to aim his shotgun AND point his riot shield, toggling between the two when he presses the Shield Charge button. Pressing and holding the shield charge button extends the shield further around the character (out to 180 degrees, magically) but locks the character in place. The Power Charge move also becomes a Morale Sapper when possessed, decreasing enemy units' attack rather than increasing it.


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