A soldier who carries a light machine gun.

Phys. Def — 20%
Mag. Def — 10%
Willpower — 3

Movement Speed — 5/4

Attack 1: Shoot

Fires in the direction he is facing.

Casting Time — instant
Cooldown Time — 0.10 seconds
Duration — Hold
Affected Radius — follows a path originating at the player traveling in the direction the player is facing
Damage — 8 physical
Secondary Effects — none


The gun continues to fire while the button is held, during which time the unit can still move at full speed.

Attack 2: Gun Smash

Uses the machine gun's butt in an up close and personal way.

Casting Time — 0.1 seconds
Cooldown Time — 0.6 seconds
Duration — instant
Affected Radius — An overhead blow extending two feet in front of the Gunner with a profile the same depth and height.
Damage — 30 physical
Secondary Effects —

Unit Notes


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