Scagarai Island Chain

The Scagarai Islands, off the eastern coast of Caranna, form a sizeable bay-sheltering a good portion of the Carannan coastline from the rougher Gaerran Ocean. Averaging a warm temperate climate to a mildly tropical one during the year, the Scagarai Islands would have, in another situation, been excellent tourist destinations.

Most of the islands, however, remain unsettled due to particularly difficult to dislodge groups of local wildlife. Be it due to the high quantity of life, or the outright abuse of magic during its resurgence, or fickle fate itself, these islands are home to several breeds of magic-wielding animals. Hunting cats capable of making themselves invisible, naturally poisonous and magically explosive breeds of bees, vampiric frogs, turtles with mastery of force projection, flying iguanas-the list goes on. One can find many an overgrown village from earlier attempts in the centuries to tame the islands with even just a cursory coastal survey. The islands are also, due to the direction of tectonic drift, slowly sinking into the water. Already quite low-lying, the best estimates indicate that within the next 90 years, the islands will be underwater-with only the canopies of trees jutting through the surface to indicate that islands had ever been there in the first place.

This has led many scientists into the island chain on expeditions recently, in hopes of documenting instinctual use of magic and proving the innate links to magic the natural world has. This is a remote enough location, however, with such a small scattering of civilian interference, that it serves as a fine point for Bakres's trap.

Bakres plans on capturing Shaka for Sabran to study. For this purpose, Bakres baited Shaka to the islands, where Bakres has a division of troops equipped with electric weapons to force Shaka out of hosts he captures. Once Shaka's fallen for the trap, Bakres pulls back, maintaining safe distance while the trap is sprung. The Master of the Poison Viper, Master Wizard Gerbrandt, has been placed in charge of supervising the operation.

Scagarai Island Chain Walkthrough

Section 1: Abandoned Village
The level opens with the player jumping off a boat he apparently stole before making his way to the island chain at a small pier by an abandoned village. There is no immediate combat, but once you head into the village, you are ambushed by the first few of Gerbrandt's baiting force. After killing a few, some seem to run off as if to raise an alarm, and the player chases them down.

Section 2: The Bridge
After making your way through the village, you come to a bridge over deep piranha infested water that stretches over to the next island. Here, a second ambush is unleashed, with units breaking out of the woods in the background at your back and units coming from the front to attack, surrounding the player. These fight to a standstill before Bakres swoops in to bait Shaka on. Combat is moderate to heavy to keep the physical bridge from getting too long, while still keeping the gameplay long enough. The bridge lasts another 4 minutes. The bridge is dotted with holes where the wood has simply rotted through. We could also have sections of bridge be destructible if we wanted to-weak to explosive attacks, or that will simply give way under a person's weight.

Section 3: The Jungle
The bridge links up to a path that stretches around the outer rim of the island. The player goes through the center-a dense jungle. Naturally, this is another prime spot for an ambush, although the fighting here is a lot more confused on the part of the jungle fighters. The jungle path is a back country path, not a pre-cut one, and as such is something of a tangled mess. There are a couple of dead ends that make the player double back, and might get them into some extra combat, but they will also always let you see more of the terrain ahead before you have to go there-and may give you an advantageous firing position if you've got a ranged-capable character, or a good shot at possessing a harder to find enemy. Enemy density here varies from medium to heavy-there'll almost always be four or five per 'screen length', usually more. Near the end, the jungle pitches upwards more and more as it transitions into the volcano. The jungle takes about 6 minutes.

Section 4: The Volcano
The volcano is host to a small detachment of soldiers ordered to try and kill the player. After getting above a certain height, the player gets to the break in the trees, and can see the ground is definitely getting volcanic-dark, rocky ground and such. Once you get up to the caldera, you can see the glow of the lava down below, but the angle doesn't permit you to see any of it directly. You can choose to go around the back or the front of the volcano, and the composition of the guards changes depending on which route you take (the top has more of a magic focus and more open ground, the bottom has more physical and more varied terrain). Approaching the caldera, health is sapped from the heat-faster and faster the closer you get to the rim, until you get close enough to burst into flame, at which point you keep taking the damage at a constant rate until death. Falling into the caldera itself is instant death for the host body. You float up in the standard way. After fighting at the volcano, you descend a winding slope down to the Camp. Fighting on and around the caldera lasts around 4 minutes.

Section 5: The Camp
The camp is the start of the really heavy combat for the stage. The camp seems to be Bakres's base, but he is not there-although he can be seen fleeing by boat in the background once the player makes a disturbance, his helicopter abandoned on the launch pad. This is a large battle, and something of a long fight since he has a large base. Waves come out of the buildings periodically, and the boat is visible at the right edge of the camp. The player can't get onto the docks, though, until the enemies in the camp itself have been killed (the screen edge locks). A lot of mages here, and varied ones-possibly some beastmaster-y guys, as well as more of the electric gear soldiers. A Royal Guard or similarly styled enemy would make for a good miniboss for this as a Dock Guard. This section is about 5 minutes of combat.

Section 6: The Boat
Getting on and starting the boat-possibly with enemies in pursuit—the player heads off after Gerbrandt. Some more enemies come out from belowdecks-the ship's crew, and as a 30- to 40-foot yacht/large boat, there isn't a whole lot of them and they aren't particularly combat oriented NPCs, but then the coast guard vessels start pulling up and disgorging their troops. Gerbrandt's own guard also board by other boats back at the docks, and lots of rapid combat gets going. Falling off the boat causes the player to float back up to the deck, with a moderate energy penalty, just like falling to your death anywhere else. The boat fight lasts for a good seven minutes, at which point the player arrives where Gerbrandt fled, the geyser fields.

Section 7: The Geysers
The geyser fields is where you finally catch up with Gerbrandt, and he desperately attempts to stop you. He unleashes his viper clansmen on you, and you must fight both the viper clan members and Gerbrandt's occasional outside reinforcements. The stony arena is interspersed with geysers (hence the name) in the background, and a couple of geysers in the foreground that serve as DoT spots when they erupt like the volcano was-but on a much smaller scale, and without the ability to fall in or set units on fire. Gerbrandt is capable of seeing the player in demon form, and can attack the player in soul form, using some form of holy energy that damages the player over time. This means they need to get a new body that much faster. All of the viper clansmen can see where the player is in demon form-only Gerbrandt can attack you then, though.

Enemies Encountered

Acid Spitter
Royal Guard
Viper Soldier
Battle Monk

Objects List

Abandoned Village House
- One of the houses in the abandoned village at the introduction. One or two might appear later in the jungle, or on the opposite side of the bridge.

Abandoned Fire Pit
- A burnt-out fire in a circle of stones.

Tropical Tree
- A more tropically-inclined tree than that used in the Forest. Also comes as a:

Fallen Tropical Tree
- Either snapped off or uprooted, none of these trees would have been cut down.

Dense Ground Cover
- Some heavy bushes, maybe an implied snake or two.

Volcanic Boulder
- A dark, igneous stone. Much like the boulder found in Red Sands, may vary in size and occupancy.

Landed Helicopter
- Locked, and seen in the military camp. At least one should be Bakres's distinct 'copter.

Cable Roll
- A roll of rope or similar cable out on the docks to stock ships with.

Boss Encountered

Master Wizard Gerbrandt

Level Designs

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