Cloning Lab


The Lab is the facility in which the Shaka's first body was cloned and indoctrinated. Upon the discovery of his intended escape, Shaka was executed and turned into his current soul form. Over the course of the level, Shaka fights the guards of the facility as he makes his way to a data center to steal some information for Thovis, the scientist who served as his informer on the State. Once he steals the information, Thovis's rebel comrades bomb the facility with Shaka (and, or so the player thinks, Thovis) still inside.

Lab Progression

Section 1: Clone Room
This cylindrical room is filled with rapid aging tubes around a wide central column. The room is laid out like a squished torus; guards and soldiers defend here as rapid response units. This is the first live fire combat the player participates in, so to speak, and so the units tend towards the lighter side in force strength.

Section 2: The Elevator
A few Knights come down, with Gunners mixed into the formation, escorted by a pair of Raiders. Periodically, the elevator will raise back up-if the player gets on when it heads up, they can jump off at the top and skip fighting a good portion of the combat. There is a fixed number of troops that will spawn here, however-this is not an endless spawn loop.

Section 3: The Security Checkpoint
A number of Guards and Black Ops wait ready for the player, accompanied by a single Lookout Guard. The Guards will move to engage and the Black Ops will avoid. When the player dispatches them, the Black Ops shut the lights out and attack. The Black Ops are given away by their glowing goggles, and, if the player captures one, he has access to nightvision. Turning on the lights again is optional here, and if three or more Black Ops are still alive when the lights are switched on, they'll turn them off again. After the Black Ops come a number of Elite Soldiers mixed in with regular soldiers. Once that wave has been cleared, the player can pass through the Security Checkpoint to the Databank Access Elevator.

Section 4: Databank Access Elevator
Trying to prevent this madness from spreading through to people with database access, a number of Infiltrators accompanied by Knights and a few Lookout Guards come up the elevator and lock it in position. The player must defeat them to proceed.

Section 5: Databank Entrance
The landing at the end of the elevator has been hastily barricaded with chairs and other movable furniture. Gunners, Elite Soldiers and Medics stand behind the barricade, while Knights and Infiltrators guard the front. This is the largest fight of the level, and once the player has beaten it, they access the database beyond the barricade, hear the doctor's report, scramble for the elevator then play the level closing cutscene.

Enemies Encountered

Elite Soldier
Black Ops
Lookout Guard

Objects List

Rapid Growth Tube
- Tall collision box, usually against back walls. Comes in Empty and Occupied flavors.

Rapid Imaging Station
- A cushioned table with bindings and a full helmet and mask combo for users. Wired inputs stick onto the hands. Also comes in Empty and Occupied flavors.

Computer Terminal
- Computers—OF THE FUUUTUUURE! Flat or transparent monitors with small attached towers at desks. Low collision box. Always unoccupied, although some may be on.

Testing Station
- A medical test bed. Probably has an IV stand and other basic medical gear.

Wash Basin
- A sink, pretty much.

Gun Rack
- For holding guns. Probably should only be at the security checkpoint. All of these should be empty at this point.

Tube Transporter
- Kind of like a shipping dolly, but for the people tubes. Comes in Loaded and Unloaded.

Boss Encountered

None. This is the introduction to full combat stage.

Level Designs


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