Mage Archaeologist

Kind of a dishevelled look about him, always covered in a new layer of dirt from the excavation sites typical safari/excavator garb with a magical air to it (think like a nerdy, magical Indiana Jones).

Phys. Def — 25%
Mag. Def — 50%
Willpower — 5

Movement Speed — 1/1

Attack 1: Wind Gust

The archaeologist is used to projecting small wind gusts to help clear dirt away from bones/artifacts during a archeological dig. He can adapt this to combat, and concentrate it into a large burst of wind that does minor damage but provides quite a large knockback to keep enemies at bay. Being that ordinarily he uses this for fine work, he can control exactly where the blast occurs, striking a small precise area.

Casting Time — 0.5 seconds
Cooldown Time — 2 seconds
Affected Radius — 5 ft radius point burst from target.
Duration — N/A
Damage — 15 magic damage.
Secondary Effects — 300px knockback, scales down with physical defense (90% physical defense -> 30px).

Attack 2: Smack

Takes his shovel or one of his other digging/excavating tools and smacks you over the head with it should you get too close, dealing damage and a small stun.

Casting time — instant
Cooldown time — 1 second
Duration — N/A
Affected radius — 4.5ft in a semicircular plane parallel to the ground
Damage — 30 points
Secondary Effects — 3px knockback, 0.75 sec stun


Does not like direct combat, but will keep enemies at bay using his wind attack so that others may continue the fight, should an enemy get to close he will beat the enemy with some of his more hefty tools, and then quickly start to increase the distance between him and his enemies.

Unit Notes

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