A MenuItem represents an option in a menu. It will hold the option name, what screen it would link to and the texture that it uses.



  • string name - A string representing the name of the option
  • string nextScreen - A string that represents the screen that this option who follow if chosen. It is null if it does not lead to another MenuScreen
  • GameTexture texture - The texture of the MenuItem
  • Vector2 position - The position of the item
  • MenuSlider slider - The MenuSlider


  • Select
    • Selects this MenuItem. Will be used for effects
  • Deselect
    • Deselects this MenuItem. Will be used for effects
  • ReturnName
    • Returns the name of the item
  • ReturnScreen
    • Returns the value for nextScreen
  • AddPosition)
    • Adds the position of the texture that will be associated with this MenuItem
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