Start Menu


The bars are white overlays (semi-transparent white bars). Font is Trajan Pro.

As noted elsewhere on this wiki, Sole Shifter is the tentative title. The real title could have a visually designed logo, rather than plain text.

We have Shaka being cloned on the left side where the mannequin is drawn.

The dark blue regions, rather than being simply dark blue, would be a very light rocky or brushed metal texture. This texture should be kept simple to keep the attention on the text and picture.

From the main menu, the camera moves right to reveal any of the selected submenus.

New Game

- Brings player to Data Management menu below in New Game mode.

Load Game

- Brings player to Data Management below in Load Game mode.


Brings the player to the Options submenu, below.


Sends the player back out to the 360 Dashboard.

Data Management Menu


New Game and Load Game both bring the player to this screen. In New Game mode, the player can choose to clear data to start a new game or select and empty file to use. The background uses the same light stone or brushed metal texture. Each save file is outlined in a beveled, metallic picture frame. Selecting a file that already has data in New Game mode will prompt the user with "Restart file?" in a popup text window, with a simple Yes / No.

Load Game mode also brings the user to this screen. Only files with data are highlightable. We could also combine Load Game and New Game into one option, Start Game, on the main screen, and then just allow data management options when you select a file—Start, Delete, Move, Copy, etc.

Options Menu


In the example image above, the light blue region containing Brightness and Contrast is created by simply overlaying the background texture (the metal or stone texture) with a light gray box.

Each setting has a dropdown menu that appears when selected.

Audio will have Music, Sound Effects, and an overall volume slider.
Video will have brightness and contrast sliders. If we can change resolutions for the 360, they will go here as well.
Game settings will have difficulty choice.
Controls will show a diagram of the controller with definitions for what button does what. If we are allowing the player multiple control schemes or a binding menu, that will be presented here. An 'Okay' button is also here for the purpose of confirming control rebinds.

Once the player has adjusted what sliders or bindings he wants to change in a submenu here, he can press B to cancel or A to confirm. Once the player has confirmed in a submenu, he can hit B to return to the main menu with all of his changes kept.

In-game Pause Menu


Grays out the screen and brings up the above text options. The bars are semi-transparent white overlays, and the dropdown box is created by a light gray overlay.

Resume Game

-Returns the player to the game.

Current Abilities

-Shows a list of the abilities the current body has in a dropdown menu, as in the options screen.


-Brings the player to the options screen. Backing out of the options screen after selecting it here returns the player to this screen.


-Brings up an 'Are you sure? Yes/No' box. Selecting Yes brings the player back out to the main menu.

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