Each menu possibility will be a MenuScreen that will hold an array of menu options that each will be a MenuItem. The MenuScreen will receive input from the MenuManager to cycle through the options and return the selected option.



  • List<MenuItem> allOptions - A list that will contain all MenuItem
  • List<MenuItem> menuOptions - A list that will contain each MenuItem option that are accessible
  • int current - An integer that represents the current selected item
  • string menuName - A string representing the name of the menu


  • AddOption
    • Will add a MenuItem to the array. Will check to make sure that it is not all ready in the array by comparing the name string
  • SelectedOption
  • NextItem
    • Selects the next option in the list (adds 1 to current)
  • PrevItem
    • Selects the previous option in the list (subtracts 1 to current)
  • ReturnName
    • Returns the name of the menu
  • Reset
    • Resets current to 0
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