Your average run of the mill miner, thick jeans with suspenders over a white t-shirt, and a yellow mining helmet with a small light on the front.

Phys. Def — 50%
Mag. Def — 15%
Willpower — 5

Movement Speed — 3/4

Attack 1: Pick Axe

An overhead swing of the pick axe.

Casting Time — .05 seconds
Cooldown Time — 2 seconds
Duration — N/A
Affected Radius — 2.5ft vertical swing from over the miner to in front of the miner
Damage — 60 points
Secondary Effects — Small Stun for .3 seconds

Special: Charge

Sets a demolitions charge that will detonate with the press of a remote switch (for the player this means hitting the special button again).

Casting Time — .5 second to plant the charge
Cooldown Time — 2 seconds after you blow charge
Duration — N/A
Affected Radius — 5 foot radius
Damage — 70 physical damage
Secondary Effects — Knockback of 20 pixels


You are not immune to the blast of the charge, if you are in the blast radius, you WILL get hit.

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