Mobile Fortress

A massive building that carries units inside of it. It also has defensive weapons.

Phys. Def — 80%
Mag. Def — 30%
Willpower — 7

Movement speed — 1/1

Attack 1: Cannon

A defensive cannon that attacks enemies.

Casting Time — .25 seconds
Cooldown Time — 1 second after firing.
Duration — Instantaneous
Affected Radius — 3 foot circle around the area that was shot. Shoots in a straight line forward from the fortress.
Damage — 60 if hit on the center, and then deduct 20 for each foot from the center
Secondary Effects — minor stun, .6 seconds from the center, then deduct .2 for each foot from the center



Special: Release Unit

A move that releases a number of units from the fortress to fight

Casting Time — 1 second per unit
Cooldown Time — 30 seconds after all units have been released
Duration — Units last until death (yours or theirs)
Affected Radius — Units will appear next to the fortress, straying no more than 5 feet away from the fortress.
Damage — N/A
Secondary Effects — N/A


A maximum of 5 units can be created, when the casting starts, it spawns as many units as it can and then the cooldown starts (if you only want 1 unit but you can create all 5 it will make you create all 5 costing 5 seconds to spawn them all).

Unit Notes

You possess the driver of the fortress, not the fortress itself.

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