This class defines the object data that will be contained in the array-based containers. These array-based containers fall under the utilities that are user-created.


  • Created by and maintained by our array-based containers. These containers include: Stack, Queue, List.


  • Object data - the actual object data that this Node represents
  • Node next - the Node that this links to in the container (the next Node in the series)
  • Node prev - the Node that links to this in the container (the previous Node in the series)


  • Node(Object data, Node next, Node prev) - base constructor
    • Sets the object data and node parameters to the accessors defined above
  • Node(Object data)
    • Calls the base constructor, passing in data, and null for each Node
  • Node(Object data, Node next)
    • Calls the base constructor, passing in data, next, and null for the previous Node
  • Node()
    • Calls the base constructor, passing in null for each parameter
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