Paranoid Soldier

A soldier who has heard of your exploits and abilities, and is understandably on edge.

Phys. Def — 25%
Mag. Def — 10%
Willpower — 4

Movement Speed — 1/1

Attack 1: Shoot

Shoots his rifle in the direction he is facing.

Casting Time — Instant
Cooldown Time — 1 second
Duration — If there is a graphic for the bullet, then it disappears when offscreen. No secondary effect durations.
Affected Radius — follows a path originating at the player and then traveling in the direction the player is facing
Damage — 40 points
Secondary Effects — Minor Knockback - 3px

Special: Paranoia

Yells an alarm.

Casting Time — 1 second
Cooldown Time — 15 seconds
Duration — N/A
Affected Radius — Screenwide.
Damage — None.
Secondary Effects — None.


The AI will use this attack the instant he sees a fight breaks out, but he can't tell which side is the player. If he yells, the alarm alerts all units onscreen to the fight and they fight against whichever target he yelled against. The player can use this against anyone when he controls the Paranoid Soldier.


Acts like the normal soldier unit but more alert and aware of his surroundings, turning to look behind him more often or visibly shaken.

Unit Notes

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