The Particle class will be made in the ParticleEmitter class and when made, all it's attributes will be assigned a random value based off the min and maxes issued to the Emitter class. From there, it will be fired from the emitter's location, go about it's movement until its lifetime has ran out, then set back to be fired again if needed.



  • bool isActive - if the particle is being rendered and updated
  • Color color - the current color of the particle
  • float lifetime - how long time-wise will the particle stay alive for
  • float age - the current time-wise age of the particle
  • float scale - how big the particle is
  • float rotation - the current rotation of the particle
  • float opacity - the current opacity of the particle
  • float rotationSpeed - how fast the particle is rotating
  • GameTexture texture - the texture of the particle
  • Vector2 position - the current position of the particle
  • Vector2 velocity - the current velocity of the particle
  • Vector2 acceleration - the current acceleration of the particle


  • Update
    • Give this method the particle name and the position and the particle will be placed there
  • Render
    • Draws the particle on the screen
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