Baltean Plains

The Baltean Plains are a tall grassland clime, slightly too dry and warm for most species of tree. Situated east of the Pellean Range, west and north of the Gaerran Ocean, and (for eight months out of the year) easing into the Gilean Forest to its north, the Baltean Plains are something of an oddity. Hundreds of years ago, they had been a tropical rainforest, much like the Scagarai Islands and parts of the Gilean, but the lumber from many of the exceptionally tall, wide trees proved too promising a resource for the masts of the Bertran military. They paid the local Varanians a good deal of money to cut choice trees, and, when they provided the Varanians with the equipment necessary to do it, the Varanians proved too financially ambitious for the forest to withstand. They respected the bounds of their property, however, and their Gilean allies' forest was spared. Quick-growing crop grasses introduced by Varanian farmers in the newly cleared farmland quickly overgrew-which, at first, was cause for celebration, until the market for their now wild grasses collapsed (a result of an overabundance of supply and constant demand) and they were forced to turn to more profitable crops. The grasses proved too resilient to dispose of, however, and remain the dominant feature of what was once the Baltean Forest, choking out any chance the mast trees had of returning. It is only through controlled burns between the Baltean Plains and the Gilean Forest that the Gileans keep the grasses from overspreading-a spectacle that can be seen annually every summer, and which is often an excuse for both parties to celebrate. After about four months, the grasses begin to grow back in the borderlands, and the land returns to what is now normal along the Baltes-Gilea border.
Since their time as a forest, some of the local species have adapted to the change in habitat. Others have not, and the plains remain lightly populated. The lives of the Varanians haven't changed much, only the price of lumber-since it must now be imported from Gilea. They live mainly on the low lying coast, and worry more about flooding than wildfire, thanks to their controlled burn methods of keeping the areas surrounding their cities from being flammable. As for the plains itself-during especially stormy seasons, wind storms from the coast make it inland up to the east side of the Pellean, and sometimes get strong enough to carry a ship or two of the Varanian fishing fleet several miles inland. Most of the time, it stays warm and dry, which is why wildfire is a danger once you get away from the quick access to water the coast provides. The most dangerous conditions possible in the plains is warm, dry, and windy-then, all it takes is a bit of friction in the wrong place or a lightning strike to light a fire that can spread in excess of 16 MPH, and can spread for hours without slowing—a combination that means virtually guaranteed death if caught downwind.
The Baltean Plains are now the site of the Rebellion's slaughter. Having found out the location of their flight from the Forest, they have been run down by a large detachment under the direct command of Bakres himself. Sabran is also present on the battle, having guessed that Shaka might make himself known and realizing he would need to stop him from interfering.

Plains Level Progression

Section 1: Plains and Hills
The level begins with a plane landing upon a grassy field. The player emerges from the plane. There are slight hills jutting from the background, along with grassy fields seen further in the background. The player continues along the grassy fields, while hills appear in the distance. Enemies will appear from the edge of the screen and the grasses in the foreground/background.

Section 2: Valley
The player enters a small valley with hills in the foreground and background. Over this course the player may encounter some slight hills in the terrain he’s moving on. More enemies appear.

Section 3: River
After moving through the valley, the player then encounters a river coming from the background, into the playable area. This is a shallow river with some stones that litter it. The player must progress through the level on this river for a short period of time. The player moves through the river area. Some enemies with cloaking devices will appear along the river, where they can be spotted by the ripples they make.

Section 4: Village and Airfield
The river then ends, and proceeds into the background, where the sea is. The player enters a coastal village with some huts. Enemies will emerge from these huts, battling the player. In the back of the village lies an airfield with several planes docked. The player takes one of these planes to fly toward the cyborg. As the player ascends into the air, an alarm sounds and the enemies commandeer planes to chase down the player.

Section 5: Air Battle
A mid-air battle ensues where enemies emerge from the current aircraft the player is in. The player battles these enemies as they come. Enemy planes fly overhead to drop off more enemies. After a short period of air combat, the player can see missile fire in the background. The planes are being shot down by the cyborg. Occasionally, the player can see planes get shot down. Eventually, the player’s plane is shot down and the player ejects into the air. The player descends down the air, as do several enemy units. Some of these enemy units are frightened lackeys, while others are paratroopers with tools for a safe landing. The player must possess one of these paratroopers to gain access to the parachute to land safely. After some time, the player will eventually land. The plane is found on the ground, crashed, and in a number of pieces. Paratroopers will eventually fall to the ground, ready to fight, while the player notices debris from other planes crash to the ground. The player must avoid this debris. Occasionally, enemies without parachutes will also fall, splattering. The fight ensues, where cyborg enemy-types will combat the player. This signifies that the cyborg enemy is close by. These are just minor cyborgs, though. The ground is still littered with debris, while some more continually descend from the skies.

Section 6: Boss Arena
The player approaches a hill, where the ground begins to clear of the debris and explosion site. It becomes another grassy area. The player then encounters the cyborg boss.

Enemies Encountered

Assault Trooper

Objects List

Oil Truck
- A refueling car sitting next to the airfield. A few are scattered around the rest of the village, as well.

Civilian Car
- Whatever passes for a modern vehicle. And state inspection.

Small House
- A squat, small house. Probably can get on the roof via a nearby parked car.

Mass Grave
- A bunch of Rebel corpses dumped into a hole in the ground. Probably should be kept near the end of the level, once the battle's been going on for long enough for them to have time to handle the dead.

Power Line
- A pole with metallic bits on it. If the screen is tall enough to see the cabling at the top, we should probably have them running with the screen for a good long while.

Trash Can
- Public waste management.

Street Lamp
- As the level plays toward late evening, some may flicker on at the end of the town segment.

Bosses Encountered

Ergan Bakres
Gavrillo Sabran

Level Design

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