Player Design

Soul Form:

Primary Functions

  • Movement
  • Soul-Body Possession

The player begins the game in Soul Form; an ethereal form with the ability to possess enemy bodies to use as agents in the physical world. This form is susceptible to death, which means failure for the player. The main goal for the player while in this form is to possess enemy bodies, for interaction with the game world. The two functions for the player while in this form are: 1) the possession of enemy bodies and 2) movement in the world as a means to accomplish possession.

While in Soul Form the player can move around the level, but with a limited scope. The player can move as far as his primary health, or power, will allow. As the player wanders in this form his (life) power meter will continually drain, which only provides him with a small amount of time to locate a body to harbor. A complete drain on the player’s power meter results in death and failure. The player is able to replenish portions this meter only through possessing other bodies.

Body possession is the primary functionality for the player while in Soul Form. Body possession is simply defined as the player assuming control over another body for interaction in the physical world. When the player successfully possesses another body, he enters Body Form and leaves Soul Form. Upon entering Body Form, the power meter will begin to rejuvenate a certain percentage, based on the character that was possessed. The player can then use this body to progress through the level (Body Form is defined in more detail below). The range of body possession is defined by a certain radius, where the player can select a target and then attempt the possession.

The player has two choices for possessing an enemy body: a hard possession or a soft possession. A hard possession is easier to perform in nature, but is also noticeable. Enemies are able to detect a hard possession and immediately know who to attack among the battlefield. In contrast, a soft possession is the subtle approach, where enemies don’t immediately notice which body was possessed. The enemies are only made aware once the player begins combat. Possession is performed by using the Will Ring, which is explained further in the Possession page.

The player is able to continually possess bodies, but this will be restricted to an extent with a possession meter. The possession meter will continually recharge, and it loses energy when the player possesses other bodies; this energy loss is roughly 15% of the meter when possessing from Soul Form (the player can also possess from Body Form; this is explained below). Once the meter reaches below 15% total consumption, the player cannot possess any more bodies until the meter recharges above that point. This will enforce a cool down on the player’s possession abilities so it isn’t overused.

Body Form:

Primary Functions

  • Body-Body Possession
  • Release Possession

Secondary Functions (character dependent)

  • Movement
  • Ability 1
  • Ability 2
  • Special

The player enters Body Form by possessing enemy bodies. Body Form is a physical form that allows interaction with the game world and thus progression through it. In order to successfully traverse each level, the player must rely on the multitude of enemies that he’ll encounter. Each enemy uses a different mode of combat, depending on that enemy’s characteristics, and this provides the player with multiple means of approaching the battlefield.

Functionality while in Body Form is different depending on the character the player possesses. Each enemy body will have a combination of two basic attacks and a special attack. Upon possessing an enemy, the player will have access to all of these attacks, where some may be changed, or corrupted, for the purposes of the player utilizing them in a more prominent combat fashion.

While in Body Form, the player is susceptible to body death. Each body has a health meter that drains upon enemies striking them in some fashion. Death of the body results in the player entering Soul Form, which leads to the player searching for another body to possess before power is completely drained. Death while possessing the body also results in a small chunk of power drained from the player, reducing the amount of time the player is able to remain as a soul before termination. In order to combat this, the player is able to release from the body early, while still maintaining a healthy power meter. Upon doing this, the previously possessed body reawakens with what remaining health was left.

Another action the player can take while in Body Form is a body-body switch. This is the alternative for the player instead of jumping out into Soul Form to find another body to possess. There are consequences associated with doing this, though. Should the player make a body-body switch, then the player’s possession meter diminishes by 30% of its total. As mentioned above, this meter replenishes over time, but at the rate it diminishes with a body-body switch very few of these are allowed. Similar to the soul-body switch, the player also has a choice of either a soft possession or a hard possession.

Possession Targeting:

The player can possess another character in either Soul Form or Body Form. In order for the player to determine which characters are possess-able the player will press a button to bring up a possession range. Units standing within this range can be attempted for possession immediately, units outside can only be targeted until the player moves close enough to them. The player then makes the attempt to possess the character through the trigger button: a partial press starts up the Possession Meter, a small skill game that scales in difficulty based on the willpower of the body being taken over. Winning results in a Soft Possession, failure causes a Hard Possession. A full press also causes a Hard Possession.

The player can disable the possession range by pressing the button again; this control is toggle-able. Once the possession range is toggled on, the player can cycle through the available targets on-screen with the right analog stick. This will be the selection for the player.


Input Description
Left Analog This is the primary movement for the player. Holding the analog with different pressures results in changes in speed.
Right Analog Cycles through the targets on the screen only when the possession HUD is toggled on.
Left Bumper This button toggles the Possession HUD mode. This will display on-screen. This is a toggle control.
Left Trigger This releases the player from the current body being possessed. (Body Form Only)
Right Bumper This toggles icons on the screen, showing which characters can be possessed.
Right Trigger This trigger is used to enslave a target, using the Will Ring. See Possession for details.
A Button This is the jump action. (Body Form Only)
B Button Executes the special ability. (Body Form Only)
X Button Executes the first basic ability. (Body Form Only)
Y Button Executes the second basic ability. (Body Form Only)
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