Will figure out the minimal number of resources for a level and store them for the level manager to use. The resources that will be minimized are obstacles, enemy units and textures.


  • LevelManager : made in the LevelManager and stores level resources for it to use
  • GameContentManager : loads in resources using the GameContentManager


  • List<Enemy> enemies - minimum number of enemies that will appear in a level
  • List<LevelObject> objects - minimum number of objects that will appear in a level


  • PoolResources
    • loops through the level sections list passed in and figures out the minimum number of resources that will be needed in the level by looking at the largest number at each section
    • makes and stores the resources so that the level manager can then grab them, and reuse them as needed
  • GetEnemy
    • returns an enemy that is of the type passed in and whose isAlive property is false
  • GetLevelObject
    • returns a level object based on the name passed in(the name property in GameObject which LevelObject inherits from)
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