What It Is

Possession is the domination of your target via a simple and very direct form of mind control. Has elements externally visible for people who know what to look for—the dark, crackling ozone that forms around an individual possessed by Shaka's spirit tends to stick out. With effort, the effects can be hidden in a soft possession, but this will be harder to perform. Hard possession is the easier route and can be performed with much greater ease.

Possession Targeting

Shaka can possess another character in either Demon Form or Body Form. In order for the player to determine which characters are possess-able the player will press a button to bring up a possession range. Icons will appear below those characters who are in range and that have a low enough will power to be possessed. Shaka then makes the attempt to possess the character through the trigger button, either pushing the trigger all the way to perform a hard possession or following the pressure indicator to perform a soft possession.

The player can disable the possession range by pressing the button again; this control is toggle-able. Once the possession range is toggled on, the player can cycle through the available targets on-screen with the right analog stick. This will be the selection for the player.


Possession will use the Will Ring. The Will Ring is a circle that will come on to screen when a player tries to possess a unit. The ring itself has a needle that is spinning and with a hit of a button will stop in a possess zone. The area for hard possession is the largest portion of the ring and soft possession is located at the back of the zone and has a narrow width. The player only needs to land in any of these zones to have a successful possession. There is also a dead zone where nothing will occur. If the player hits the dead zone they will not possess the unit. The size of the areas and their locations differ according to the unit's will power alone. The Will Ring adds a sense of urgency while staying quick and simple for combat.


This image depicts the on-screen Will Ring. The pie is separated with the first half as blank; this just represents buffer room for the player to get an idea of where to land the needle. The other half will be divided into three sections, two of which are the hard possession, surrounding the soft possession. After the needle completes one cycle, the possession fails and nothing happens. (The sizes of the soft/hard possession chunks are dependent on the will power of the enemies.

Possession Energy

This represents Shaka's level of mental consciousness. The more he must possess characters, the more exhausted he becomes, until he must wait between possessions to recharge. Soft releases, as they mimic the effects of possessions, also take Possession Energy. P.E. is represented on the HUD by an aura that drains from around Shaka's soul form. A simple to possess enemy might only deplete 10% of the meter, but the hardest enemies require a full meter to acquire.

Body-Body Possession

This refers to possessing a character while already possessing another one. The old host is discarded when Shaka leaves for the new one. This type of possession is the most costly, and some enemy types cannot be possessed via Body-Body Possession simply due to their willpower. Body-body possession also uses a hard release for the old host, explained below.

Soul-Body Possession

This refers to possessing a character from a soul form state. This is slightly less exhausting for Shaka, and depletes slightly less Possession Energy.

Leaving a Body

There are three ways to leave a body. The safest way for Shaka is simply to release the body. This is done by pressing the left trigger, and can, itself, be done in a Soft and a Hard way.

Hard Release

Hard Release is a simple abandoning of Shaka's host. This takes no possession energy, and puts the player immediately into Soul Form, ready to possess a target at the reduced cost Soul Form affords.

Soft Release

The Soft Release plays like a Soft Possession in reverse, and, when performed, leaves traces of Shaka's possession on his former host to make it appear that Shaka is still controlling him. Shaka must simply deplete the meter from left to right. Releasing the trigger during a Soft Release cancels the release, and pressing it all the way results in a Hard Release. Abandoning a Soft Release within the last 5% or so of the meter swaps Shaka's possession state from Hard to Soft—he is able to conceal his possession of the host once again. Doing either takes half of the possession energy it would cost to possess the character.

The other two ways to leave the body require other enemies. If the host dies, Shaka takes damage to his Soul Form proportional to the now-corpse's former willpower, and he is expelled from the dead body. Some enemies can also force Shaka out of the body, which functions exactly like a Hard Release, except is triggered by enemies and not the player.

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