Red Sands

The Red Sand Desert

Located in north central Caranna, this desert is a wind shadow desert. Mostly sand and rock, with some scattering of lowland vegetation such as scrub brushes. A few jutting rocks dot the horizon, tiny fractures in the Carannan tectonic plate that composes the desert and several hundred miles south. Apart from a few small reptilian breeds, the occasional mountain bird, and a few small rodent species, it sees basically no traffic. Planes sometimes fly by overhead, traveling between the edges of the continent, but these flights are fairly rare, most airliners preferring the more traffic-heavy routes that swing northward around the desert.

As of today, one underground river has been discovered feeding from the northeast, but it remains underground in its entire run through the desert-usually staying under 20-30 feet of solid rock below the sand-until it feeds out of the mountain rim in the southeast. It breaches the surface at one point, and one point only—the Varanian ruins, so named for the ancient Varanian exiled tribe that settled there - of which Shaka was a member. They tapped into the underground river at a natural rift and created a single spouting point aboveground using a magical probe and pump. This water is the water they fueled their civilization with, until the Carannans (for whom the continent is named) lifted their kill-on-sight exile of the Varanians several generations later. After that, the Varanians deserted en masse in what is known as the Second Varanian Exodus, and rejoined Caranna at large. The tomb in which he was buried after this exodus is located here. Much of the city is still standing, although time has taken its toll on the city in the several hundred years it has been unused. A small encampment of historians and architects is maintained nearly year-round to study the ruins, and tourists occasionally take flights in to view the ancient structures.

Recently, however, a large portion of the ruins, including Shaka's tomb, have been cordoned off by the State military. Rumblings have been heard about the tomb being disturbed, which a number of the Varanians are none too happy about. A branch of the Mundane Police has recently moved in, as well, sharing some of the military base's facilities until they can get themselves established. Gen. Pontius, a subordinate of Grand Leader Bakres, has been overseeing the base's operations for the last several years and is the active commander, and has had to deal with a lot of complaints of persecution by the Mundanes and even some outright armed dissent in the area.

Red Sands Progression

Section 1: Dunes
Player starts out in dune sea, nomads/light hand to hand guys come out and attack, as the player approaches mountain and cave, broken down ruins and statues become more frequent

Section 2: Cavern
Player enters cave, attacks start coming from some sort of sneaky cave ninjas. As the player moves deeper into the cavern, the area opens up into a large room used as a maze made out of ladders and platforms. Dead ends in the maze could have either powerups of some sort, or new enemies to possess. Eventually the player will come across a stream of water running into a cavern. Following this upstream….

Section 3: Ruins
Will lead the player out into the ruins - a large crater/pit in the floor of the desert. Enemies will be a few armed guards, civilians or tourists maybe. The player must then traverse the infrastructure of the ruins in order to escape from the pit - armed guards will be numerous. In addition to traversing the city's rooftops, the player could also have to enter buildings in order to make it out alive. Whether inside or outside in the ruins the player will constantly be making his way up towards the rim of the pit. Eventually the player will emerge onto an enormous balcony which overlooks the city. After defeating two higher - level guards, he will move on to assault the gates of the military base

Section 4: Gate and Base
The area before the gate will demonstrate the start of the military's influence by presenting the player with a series of perimeter markers, as well as armed missile platforms in the background. After crossing the perimeter, enemies will start spawning offscreen and chase down the player. The player must fight and run his way through the gate, into the base. The player will start to meet heavy resistance inside the base. High level/advanced enemies will be numerous. After fighting his way into the heart of the base, the player will approach the central command center: solar powered with Mirage stealth system (no significance to actual game).

Section 5: Arena
Inside the control room is the arena where the player must face off against the general. When the general calls for reinforcements, soldiers rise out of the elevators/holes in the floor. In order to call in airstrikes the dome itself can open and raise up in the air (this could be launch mode for the base). Calling in airstrikes will leave him open for the player to attack. If the player can survive the onslaught and airstrikes, and kill the general, the airstrikes will eventually end up destroying the command center. With the command center destroyed the missiles are no longer able to fire. Furthermore, without the general, the military presence in the Red Sands will be crippled.

Enemies Encountered

Assault Trooper
Holy Knight
Heavy Gunner
War Machine

Level Objects

Desert Shrub
- A small, dessicated plant.

- A large rock. Probably best put near the Ruins and opening to the Cave. Could come in Large or Small, and With Sunning Lizard or Without Sunning Lizard.

Fallen Wall Section
- A section of wall that has fallen on its side, so now the stonework functions more like a brick road. Probably should have a tessellating rectangular profile so we can make bigger or smaller sections of ruined wall.

Military Tent
- A large tent extending into the foreground from the background. Soldiers can come out.

Perimeter Rod
- A loud, crackling pole with attached Do Not Enter sign. The electric sound is meant to keep animals at bay, and the sign to keep non-military personnel from entering.

Open Cage
- An unoccupied prisoner cage.

Guard Post Building
- A small, squat building only intended to provide shade for guards on duty.

Boss Encountered

Gen. Pontius

Level Designs


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