Subterranean Fighter

A soldier equipped with a crank-powered helmet-mounted short range lamp for navigation and aiming. Also has flashbang grenades. Cranks the lamp while standing still, which extends the radius.

Phys. Def — 30%
Mag. Def — 15%
Willpower — 4

Movement Speed — 1/1

Attack 1: Shot in the Dark

Fires his automatic rifle in the direction the right joystick is pointing. If it hits an enemy who is not lit, it deals additional magic damage from the bright explosion. Cannot move while firing.

Casting Time— instant
Cooldown Time— 0.08333 seconds (1/12 of a second, or 5 frames assuming an FPS of 60)
Affected Radius — Straight line extending directly out from the subterranean fighter in the direction of the joystick.
Duration— Until clip empties, see notes
Damage — 5 damage / bullet 2 magical / flash.
Secondary Effects— none


The rifle has a 30 round clip at the performance stats given. Once the clip is emptied, attempting to fire again (releasing and pressing fire) will make the subterranean fighter reload. Reloading takes 2 seconds. Shot in the Dark's magical secondary damage only affects units in deep darkness, so underground in the cave or later on in the mines if the player still has the Subterranean Fighter then.

Attack 2: Flashbang

Throws a flashbang forward.

Casting Time — 0.5 seconds
Cooldown Time — 10 seconds
Affected Radius — Whole screen, enemies facing flashbang are affected by damage and secondaries.
Duration — Until clip empties, see notes
Damage — 10 damage.
Secondary Effects — 6 seconds stun.



Unit Notes

This unit only appears underground. When idling, the miner will crank his headlamp which causes it to shine brighter.

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