A soldier whose preferred weapon has always been a sword. To increase his agility, less armor is worn. Because of his speed and some magic he has a passive ablity to dodge bullets.

Phys. Def— 20%
Mag. Def— 10%
Willpower— 5

Movement speed— 5/4

Attack 1: Slash

Attempts to slash enemies directly in front of him.

Casting Time— instant
Cooldown Time— .3 seconds
Affected Radius — 3.5ft in a semicircular plane parallel to the ground
Duration— N/A
Damage — 15 points + ( 5 * number of consecutive uses up to a max of 3)
Secondary Effects— none


the slash attack will allow for a combo if used in a row within a second of each other, each hit doing more damage than the last up to a max of four stages.

Attack 2: Two-Handed Blow

Uses two hands to deliver a stronger blow to enemies in front of him.

Casting Time— .25 seconds
Cooldown Time— 1 seconds
Affected Radius — 3.5ft range with 1 foot width in front of the character
Duration— N/A
Damage — 60 points + ( 5 * number of half seconds charged up to a max of 6 half seconds)
Secondary Effects— Knockback - 3px * number of half seconds charged up to a max of 6 half seconds


The two-handed blow can be charged, and for each half second it is charged the damage and knockback will be increased.

Unit Notes

A spammable, anachronistic melee unit. All ranged attacks, bullet or no, have a 50% miss chance against him.

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