Temple Mage

Summons vodun to defend himself, beats back enemies with his staff, and creates Voodoo dolls of the possessed character to attack instead of the actual player. Can also call in Town Guard and Priests to attack the voodoo doll and the player, but the Priests cannot heal him (otherwise, this would be an annoying boss battle).

Phys. Def — 60%
Magi. Def — 90%
Willpower — 8

Movement speed — 5/4

Attack 1: Staff Swing

Swings his channeling staff slowly and horizontally at the player.

Casting time — .3 seconds
Cooldown time — .1 seconds (AI will not repeat more often than 1 / sec, so .7 sec for AI)
Duration — N/A
Affected radius — 4 feet horiz. arc in front.
Damage — 10 points
Secondary Effects — 20 px knockback

Attack 2: Spirit Wall

Summons a swarm of angry spirits that arrange themselves into a wall formation, flying across the screen. There's a gap in the wall that translates along it as it slides from one side of the screen to the other.

Casting time — 1 second
Cooldown time — 3 seconds
Duration — see notes
Affected radius — wall to wall both axes and 10 feet up (above height jump)
Damage — 20 points
Secondary Effects — 15px knockback


The speed of the wall goes up proportional to the amount of damage the Temple Mage has taken (checked through missing HP, not a damage counter). The spirit wall has a gap in it that the player can dodge through. As the wall moves from the right side of the screen to the left, the gap scrolls up and down the wall at a fixed speed.

Special: Voodoo Doll

Creates a voodoo doll of the player.

Casting time — 2 seconds
Cooldown time — 10 seconds
Duration — the doll has a health bar, it goes away when the health is gone
Affected radius — target
Damage — N/A
Secondary Effects — none


When controlling the temple mage, you must first target a specific enemy using the D-Pad to use the voodoo doll on. When you attack the voodoo doll rather than the character, attacks do half damage through, and the voodoo doll has half the hit points of the target character—but no defense. When he casts voodoo doll is when he calls in reinforcements, which is 3 guards and a Priest, only for the unpossessed mage, obviously.

Unit Notes

A mini-boss which you can possess.


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