A class that checks to see if the Trigger has gone a certain threshold, then calls a the delegates function and passes the current trigger's degree to the method.



  • EnumClass : ThumbstickDirection checkDirection - direction we check for the thumbstick
  • float sensitivitity - threshold at which the thumbstick is 'down'


  • Update(GamePadState padState)
    • check what state and threshold the thumbstick is in, if it corresponds to the values we have, and then call the delegate's method.
  • TriggerPressListener(ThumbstickDirection direction, float sensitivityThreshold, ButtonEvent upFunc, ButtonEvent downFunc):base(Buttons.A, upFunc, downFunc)
    • Constructor that accepts a direction for the thumbstick, a threshold when the trigger event should fire, what happens when the thumbstick is pass the threshold and what happens when the trigger is not passed the threshold.
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