Viper Gang Soldier

Clad in a light long coat and has a slightly oversized bowler hat floating over his head. Carries an automatic pistol and a staff.

Phys. Def — 30%
Mag. Def — 30%
Willpower — 4

Movement Speed — 5/4

Attack 1: Shoot

Fires his pistol in the direction he is facing.

Casting Time — Instantaneous
Cooldown Time — 0.25 seconds
Duration — if there is a graphic for the bullet, then it disappears when offscreen otherwise no duration basically
Affected Radius — follows a path originating at the player and then traveling in the direction the player is facing
Damage — 25 points
Secondary Effects — N/A

Attack 2: Burning Light

A bright light ray extends out from the soldier burning those who stand in his way.

Casting Time — 1 second
Cooldown Time — 3 seconds
Duration — N/A
Affected Radius — 20 degree cone out to screen length
Damage — 40 magical damage
Secondary Effects — N/A


Only injures hostile targets within the cone. Looks much like a cone shaped laser.


This unit often flocks with his own kind, very rare to find alone or with other types of enemies, they will unrelentingly attack an enemy as a group.

Unit Notes

This unit can see you in demon form.

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