What Is Sole Shifter

Sole Shifter is a side-scrolling platformer with a beat-em-up style of gameplay. The player’s main focus is to combat the hordes of enemies that appear throughout each level, in order to reach the end of the game. The player achieves victory by destroying the leader of the sinister totalitarian State, Gavrillo Sabran, and his stooge the cyborg Ergan Bakres. Though the goal seems simple in nature the method of combat and reaching that goal is vastly different and allows for a variety of choices. The method of progression and combat is different through the number of characters the player can play as through a level. These characters are obtainable through body possession, the primary mechanic.

The primary thing the player does in Sole Shifter is assuming control over another body. The player is able to enslave anybody he/she chooses, whether it be a heavily armored commander with a small contingent of allies to guide or an agile assassin skilled in stealth. Restrictions do apply on certain characters that cannot be possessed, such as mindless enemy characters and most bosses. Upon controlling an enemy character, the player is able to roam around and use the character’s abilities to progress. There are conditions that apply to when a player can enslave another body and what happens when that body is destroyed.

In this game, players have two interconnected forms with which they play the game. The player uses the soul form, an ethereal form that allows the enslavement of bodies in the physical world, and the body form, which is the enslaved body that allows for interaction in the physical world, and thus progression through it. The body form is an agent to act upon the physical world with which the soul form could not. The player must constantly switch in and out of these different forms as conditions permit in order to fully progress through a level. Each body the player enslaves has a different play style associated with it, allowing for different interaction with the game world and its characters.

This mechanic of enslaving other bodies to progress through a level will allow the player to make many choices on how to complete that level in terms of combat. This is primarily combat driven, where there are few puzzle elements, so the enemy characters will reflect that. Each section has a wide variety of basic enemies, each with general combat abilities, and advanced enemies with more specialized forms of combat. The player may find certain enemy characters, although difficult to enslave, to be extremely useful in the long run and provide many combat techniques to advance through each level. On the other hand, players may find that enslaving the weaker basic enemy characters will prove to be more useful as they are easily enslaved and quick to jump into battle. The final alternative is for the player to continually switch in and out of each body, completely exhausting the enemy forces by quickly jumping from one to another redirecting enemy fire to their own.

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